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I was in the mood for something VERY spicy! Once in a while I get those misguided urges and order some expensive Thai food from the restaurant across the street.  This time it was PANANG GAI aka Hot Red Curry with Chicken. As I waited for the chow to arrive, I studied the vino…

I’ve always reserved Gewürztraminer for my forays into hot&spicy Asian cuisine, so this Liebfraumilch is going to be an adventure!

Hrm… a mild nose of honey with grapefruit and pear; the sugary essence was almost thick on the nostrils.  A very tentative sip drew incredible sweetness to the palate to the point of too much!  Though sweet, there were great fruit flavors of juicy peaches and fresh apricots.  I’m not a lover of sickly-sweet table wines all by themselves so I put the bottle back in the fridge until dinner got here.

Its about time!  The delivery boy was out of breath – I bet he ran all the way across the street rather than driving.  I could have stepped out to get it myself but feh – free delivery for residents of my condo complex, so why not take advantage of the perk.  YIKES!!!  This has got to be the hottest red curry ever!! *cough. I rolled a mouthful of the wine around my tongue and was surprised at how effectively the heat was carried away by its sweetness!  Talk about extremes canceling each other out.

With a lot of residual sugar, save this for sipping WITH hot chow or as an aperitif for someone who really likes sweet wines. I forgot to take a picture of the bottle before uncorking and it just would not have looked the same empty, so it went straight to the recycle bin.  There ARE a few images out there on Google search, but none I’d repost here.

Not the greatest German offering I’ve tasted; I’d not buy it again for myself.

LCBO/Vintages ~$13/btl.