From the estate of the Familia Zuccardi, I have the FuZion Malbec Reserva 2008 from the Mendoza region of Argentina.

Along with other varietals such as Seyval and Marechal Foch, Malbec has always been one of those wines found in blended ‘table wines’ that typically sell for $9/gal.  Before I continue, here is a brief history lesson on South American vitis vinifera:

In the mid 19th century, there occurred The Great French Wine Blight. It was caused by an aphid called Phylloxera accidentally introduced into France’s environment when Americans brought vines and rootstock over to France with the hope of grafting and improving both continent’s plants. Eventually, the Blight was slowed by grafting almost all of France’s vines with the the aphid-resistant rootstock from American plants.

During this blight and economic collapse, it is rumored that plantation workers took unaffected roots and fled to other European countries and even to the Americas. Discovered within the last 10 or so years, the South American wine industry has been producing wine from the original un-grafted French rootstock for almost 150 years. Most notable is the Carménère varietal that was almost totally wiped out by The Blight in its native Bordeau.

All this being said in preparation for tasting an historical and true-blue French-rooted wine against my palate, I’m stoked!

So it is with a heavy heart that I am of the opinion that this wine is awful!!

The deep intense purple color and nose of a sweaty sleeping bag brought back repressed memories of my days as a boyscout. The 14% alc/vol would suggest, in this medium-bodied wine, a slow and sensuous legging when swirled in a voluminous glass…  All I could see was a thin slime. Hesitant on tasting this brew, I sipped cautiously – expecting a burning assault of tart nothing.  Alas was I wrong!  Faint hints of stewed prunes and over-dark cocoa followed by wisps of that smoky smell that lingers in your clothes for several washings AFTER the camping trip was my palate’s reward.

Maybe I got a bad bottle or something.  I’ll try to work up the courage to revisit this or similar South American Malbecs in future, but I’m off to scrub my tongue.


4 Responses to “FuZion Malbec Reserva 2008”

  • Nacho says:

    I think you choosed the bad bottle.

    in my opinion this is a fantastic wine.

    • thevinoboy says:

      The LCBO’s staff are a very knowledgeable lot. Even I ask their opinions from time to time as they have to sample the product.
      I do think i may have gotten a bad bottle. I will give it some time to allow the LCBO’s stock to cycle through and give this a try a little later on.
      Cheers. ~tvb

  • Jos Barton says:

    I bought this wine from LCBO stores 1 week ago and was fantastic! Really good value for money.

    • thevinoboy says:

      I very often forget the ‘value for money’ aspect of wine. Thank you for the timely reminder and I promise to keep that in mind for future ‘value-priced’ wines. =]
      Cheers. ~tvb

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