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I’m a strange vinoboy.  No, no! Don’t try to argue with me – we all know my palate is a confused and lost thing with no sense of continuity.  My preference in vinos is primarily for dry, full-bodied whites and bold, tannic, meaty reds. We all know that wine compliments various foods and I strive to wed the wine with the meal.

One thing I’ve tried not to do is take the reviews of other more experience winos as rote until I have sampled it for myself. It is with this in mind that I decided to try a new release from September: Gray Monk Gewürztraminer 2009 from BC’s Okanagan Valley.

Most unique to this wine is an odd yellow-green hue in the glass.  A beautifully complex bouquet of Mandarin oranges and ripe plantains. Chilled to optimum serving temperature, the crisp burst on the tongue is followed by a delicate sweetness of buckwheat honey and Demerara sugar.  The classic spice of the Gewürztraminer, like a generous dash of black pepper and allspice compliment the mouth-filling ampleness of this varietal.

Traditionally served with fusion and other spicy cuisine, this is more of a conversation and sipping wine all by itself AFTER the meal.

A truly excellent vino.  ~$19/btl @LCBO/Vintages.




**image credit – Gray Monk Estate Winery.  Image used under Fair Use Provisions for review and critique.