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As everyone is by now well aware, I live within a stone’s throw of Ontario’s Niagara Region; renowned for its viticulture. I travel to many places often in search of regional wineries and their respective wines.

For the Labor Day weekend, I traveled to the wonderful Twin Cities for the Minnesota State Fair. Though there wasn’t  a booth set up for any of the local wineries (that I could see) I had heard that the University of Minnesota had been hybridizing various varieties of grapes with more hardy and cold-resistant v. riparia vines. One such complex hybrid is the Frontenac grape.

This full-textured wine poured into the tulip glass to shine in a brilliant straw color.  The aroma was of light citrus and faint wisps of spice. Almost too sweet for my liking, the rich ripe pear and peach flavors masked the 12.5% alcohol content.  Though very unique and definitely a regional thing, I’m not that struck on it.  Pleasing in flavor, to be sure, but overly sweet for much else than an after-dinner sipper or at its $14/btl price point, a rather nice base for a white wine punch.