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Finally! We’ve made it to France!! But this sparkler isn’t a champagne.  Château de Montgueret is in the Loire Valley – that doesn’t fall in the Champagne appellation, so its not a champagne.  Still French vino to be sure just geographically challenged by a few hundred kilometers.  This fourth offering in my four-part… er… five-part holiday series is a non-vintage sparkler in the moderately priced range of ~$19/btl. The label offered not the slightest hint of the contents – one of the reasons I picked this up.

In the first part of this Sparkler Series, I recall stressing control and safety while uncorking a bottle of bubbles – use a towel to shield the cork as you ease it from the bottle.  The curious sort that I am, I went to the terrace and with my thumb, I prised the cork straight out and (POP!) let it fly!!! Got great height but it fell into a stand of evergreens on the lawn of the condo so I didn’t see it land.  Maybe I should go hunting for it to retrieve for my collection…

The mousse foamed a little upon pouring but subsided quickly as the flute was filled. Color is a modest yellow-gold with overly-large bubbles (for a methode traditionelle) fizzing from primarily the dimple at the bottom of the glass. There is a faint breath of white bread but fills the nose with tart green apples, lemony notes and honey. These flavors carry through to the dry finish making it easy to go back for more.

A tasty bit of bubbly, but not a total show-stopper.  If you’re going to try this with food, I’d suggest something buttery – like a sturdy white-fleshed fish or grilled chicken. Nothing too fancy.




**image credit – ME!  I snapped this pic after I’d finished the bottle the next morning in a Mimosa. (yeah – it went a little flatter overnight than the others I’ve tested but still tasted good with my omelet. Design and symbols property of the winery obviously.