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For a little longer than I care to admit, I lived in Chatham, Ontario; which lies pretty much equidistant from London, Windsor, Lake St Clair and especially Lake Erie. It wasn’t until I had moved away that I discovered a good many wineries exist along this moderating influence’s northern shores.  One such winery is Colio Estates in the small town of Harrow. The meso-climate is much more conducive to thinner-skinned white varietals such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer hence my interest in this appellation.

The softly-pale yellow of this wine carried wisps of honey and baked apple to the nose. As its medium body was gently swirled in a small tasting glass, the balance of its 11.5% alcohol content is evident by a subtly legging. A mild acidity on the tongue with a pleasant hint of spritzich is complimented by lively lemon zest and a semi-dry honey finish.

I sipped this wine all by itself with no outside influences – unless you count the late hour and my watching BBC World News as an outside influence. My opinions lean toward cheese-stuffed ravioli in a simple marinara as a perfect food match. Grilled sausage might be a little too spicy for the wine, but a veal schnitzel would be great!

Colio Estates Vineyards Lake Erie Northshore VQA Reserve Riesling 2007. This wine is available at the estates’ boutiques found inside several major grocery stores from Windsor to Ottawa.




*image credit – Colio Estates – fair use provisions for review and critique.