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kiralyudvar-tokaji-furmint-sec-2010Not much I can really say to introduce this vino.  We’re seeing Furmints more and more as our palates search for something new and interesting.  And its from… Hungary!!!  Bright minerality on the nose and a richly-deep color in the glass, the palate is almost viscous.  The balance is a little off on the acidity but with the finish being so full of ripe peach and plum, it’s hardly an issue.  The longer I spent contemplating this unique vino between sips, the more I could detect echos of richness – almost like a freshly-baked loaf of bread.

A little historical research revealed the winery and royal chateau has been in operation since the 16th century!  The viticultural region as a whole has likely been producing wines for almost 2000 years!!  Visit the entry on Wikipedia to explore the full entry.

Further investigations are warranted to see if other vinos from Hungary’s Tokaj region are available here in Minnesota!

Inquire at your local purveyor to see if its available in your area.




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