Hey Jason –

I love your blog. I was in Montréal and Québec City last week.

While there I tried some Ice Wine (I brought a bottle home as well).

What can you tell me about Ice Wines?

I hear your coming for a visit next month.

See you,

Karen, Minneapolis MN


Have you considered comparing BC wines? The Okanagan Valley is BC’s Napa valley!  I’d be interesting to read your palate on some BC wines.

Heung, Kamloops BC


Really enjoying your writing style! Tongue in cheek and easy to understand.  I agree with Earl from Texas – do some Ice Wine!

Mary, Tallahassee FL


When are you going to try Icewine? I see it on the shelf here at the wine and liquor store but the price is really really high!

Why does it cost so mucha nd whats the difference in that Inniskiln icewine (i read the lable and it says naigra-on-the-lake on the the lable) agaisnt some of the other icewines there in the small skinny bottles.

Maybe you could fill us in on ice wines and such and what they taste like and stuff.

Earl, Austin TX


Thank you for the insightful and concise review on Peninsula Ridge winery. My husband and I live a few kilometers from there and have often wondered what thier wines taste like.

The LCBO here doesn’t have a great selection, but since the winery is so close, we can drive over there, taste a couple wines, buy what we need and head home.

Living in Beamsville is quite and picturesque – the Toronto skyline across Lake Ontario is nice when its all lit up.

Have you been to Tawse Winery yet? They’re between Beamsville and Vineland just south of Hwy 8… I hear they’ve recently won a few awards.

Let me know if you can find thier wines at the LCBO – i look forward to the reviews of their Merlot and Chardonnay…

Love the vinoblog!!!!!

Cheryl from Beamsville


Hey Vinoboy!!!

I’ve always detested wine until I read a couple of your easy-to-understand reviews.

Following a few of your food and wine suggestions has opened my eyes and my palate to a whole new world of flavors and textures.

Keep up the great reviews and I look forward to seeing what you think of some more advanced wines like Bordeaux or Champagne.



Hi Jason,

I would like to tell you that I have read the each and every word appearing on the pages of this web site.

I have enjoyed this so much that I will have a difficulty to express the true experience and enjoyment I actually experienced. Jason, as you are aware that I have a very little or no knowledge about wines. My interaction with the information posted on your site was very fascinating.

I looking forward to enhance my knowledge and understanding.

Thanks and regards. See you soon.


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