A Toast!

Throughout the ages, wine has been in the goblets of kings, and the tankards of the common people.  It has been raised to finalize the sealing of complex treaties between nations to the simplest meal with the family. Wine can be described as the most amazing and rarefied liquid on Earth to the most accursed poison ever formulated.

A great many variables contribute to the distinction between a poor wine, a good wine, a great wine and an excellent wine:

  • The climate,
  • The soil,
  • The vines,
  • The grapes,
  • The handling of the harvested berries,
  • The methods of juicing – both modern and classical,
  • The barrels,
  • The bottles
  • The corks
  • the cellars
  • …and even the glass

Canada boasts several recognized viticultural regions – I count myself lucky to live in close proximity to the famed Niagara Region of Ontario. Established in April 1999, the Vintners Quality Alliance Act was passed.  This provincial legislation monitors not only the growers but producers and even the sellers for compliance with the laws therein!  This stringent monitoring and ready compliance to the VQA maintains the stature and significance of the fine wines produced in Ontario’s three viticultural areas.

I hold a Certificate of Merit from the Wine Council of Ontario and take great pride in the acuity my senses. I make no qualms about admitting I am but a novice compared to some of the more experienced sommeliers out there.  Sometimes a review may appear to sound biased in favor of an Ontario wine, but I can sasure you; all wines shall be tasted and documented with complete fairness and respect.

So here,I offer my humble opinions of the wines of Ontario, the wines of the United States and indeed – the wines of the world! Unlike other wine reviewers, writers and critics, I will not charge a fee or require a paid membership for viewing or searching or accessing my blog. Any recipes, reviews, tips, tricks and links are yours to click and explore.

Been to the local liquor store and been more than a little overwhelmed by the choices?

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