Spain is the third largest wine producing nation in the world. Most notable to this vinoboy’s pallet are the glossy dark reds of Priorat, savory reds from Rioja, and  sparking whites from Cava. My friend “S” pointed this Barrica out to me on our recent trip to the Vintages section of our favorite LCBO.

This vino turned out to be a lot more of a complex challenge that I would’ve thought.  My tasting happened in what turned out to be three stages: immediate uncorked impression, one hour decanted, and next day.

Immediately after uncorking, I sloshed a generous portion of this Garnacha, Carineña, Cab. Sauv blend into a glass.  The deep deep deep red color would be the color of my next car if i had that option.  On the nose, the vino felt simple with basic scents of sour cherry and black pepper. Tannic on the palate with a subtle pine note on the short finish.  Not too bad.

About an hour later after cleansing my mouth with plain melba toast and water, the decanted portion was tasted.  The peppery nose had softened somewhat letting more hints of cocoa and currant come up.  Palate still feels a little grating and there’s a curious minerality on the moderate finish.

Next afternoon, the third-of-a-bottle I let rest in the recorked bottle was examined.  The aroma has definitely unwound to reveal a rather structured nose of raspberry jam and light tobacco.  This tobacco essence, reminding me of a relaxing Latakia-blended pipe smoke, carried through to a lengthy finish where the minerally/metallicy edge was very evident.

What have I learned from this vino?  Not sure yet.  I’m still digesting the notes I’ve taken and will probably add a bottle to my ever-increasing cellar to let rest for a while; maybe 5 years. My vino-peers seem to be mixed on this though – some are saying gulp it now, others are advising to lay down considerably.

Not a bad bit of vino for the LCBO/Vintages ~$17/blt on sale (regular price is ~$22).

Cheers from your just-back-from-vacation…



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