Not too long ago, a friend emailed me a list of bottles he had in his cellar and the two questions I hear a lot: “How long can I cellar this?” and “Is this still drinkable?”  One such bottle on that list was the Christian Moueix Merlot 2005, Bordeaux.

Like the recently reviewed Chateau La Fleur Terrien 2008, Bordeaux, the Moueix winery is located in that portion of the Right Bank appellation of the Bordeaux region.  As such, this mass-produced vino may come off as unrefined and/or lacking the depth and complexity we’ve come to expect from these regional blends and single-grape varieties.

With an off-red almost tawny hue, the nose is very wooded and alcohol forward with some scents of red berry coming through.  Mouth-feel is tannic and stemmy and middle of weight.  The finish is rather bitter and lastingly dull.

This 2005 vintage has a drinkability date of 2011, so most of whats in stock wherever you purchase your vino should be consumed if you’re up to it – personally, I’d not even cook with it.  If you have it in your cellar try it for yourself but this vinoboy can no longer recommend it.  More recent releases of Moueix Merlots no longer carry a vintage date.

Though honestly turned off by this unbalanced and uninspired offering, I’m game to try another fresher bottle of what Christian Mouiex has to offer.



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  • Dennis Riva says:

    I have just finished the CM Merlot 2005 and I found very drinkable. I cannot agree your comment I would not cook with it as it is that bad. You must drink a lot of Chateau Petrus but I can only afford $14 a bottle I personally think it a great drink.

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