One of the more recent additions to the recognized appellations in the Vintners’s Quality Alliance is Prince Edward County in Eastern Ontario.  Laying on an isthmus into Lake Ontario, the majority of this viticultural region is surrounded on three sides by the chilly waters of the lake as it empties into the St Lawrence river.

A surprising purchase, this Trumpour’s Mill Estate bottled, un-oaked Chardonnay from 2008 runs about $16/btl only in the Vintages section.  On a recent visit to my favorite LCBO with a fellow vino enthusiast, I was expounding on the virtues and tenets of the VQA and how this self-governing body has improved the overall integrity of the Canadian wine industry when I chanced upon this bottle on a lower shelf almost out of sight.

After the end of the War of 1812, the Trumpours settled there to build a post-war life; this significant and historic homestead from the early 1800’s houses the Granger Family’s winery. They have dedicated almost a decade or their own lives to producing great estate wines from their 600 acre farm, many of these wine award-winning!

This unoaked chardonnay displays a nose of crisp pears, Macintosh apples and dry notes of straw. These flavors carry through the palate to finish long with a rather defined mineral structure that borders on almost spicy.

Truly a unique vino – unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before.  I wanted to experience this wine all by itself, but my vino-friends insisted we try it with the Chicken a la King I had made for dinner.  The creaminess of the sauce and delicate rosemary flavor pairs remarkably well.

I’d certainly recommend this Ontario vino!




**images credit – ME!  I took this bottle portrait after we’d finished the yummy contents.  All components thereon sole property of the winery and republished under fair use provisions for review and critique.

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