Hrm…  It would seem that not all regionally blended wines from France are unique and identifiably unique.  This vino’s full handle is “Hugues Beauvignac Picpoul de Pinet 2009”. It région controlée is Coteaux De Languedoc, Sud De France.

After writing this tasting review, I tried researching the winery itself.  There are plenty of notes on third-party sites, like on WineAlign and Snooth; but nothing produced by the winemaker him/herself. The glass of the overly-tall bottle feels thick and has a couple shaped accents and punted only very slightly.

The first time ever for me trying this wine though I’ve picked the bottle up and set it back down again at the LCBO  – turned off by all the spelling mistakes on the back label.   I’m actually glad it made it into my cart this time so I know for next time to leave it alone.

The color is very pale yellow with a strange hue of silver around the edge of the glass.  The nose is lightly perfumed with no real discernible prominent note. On the tongue, there aren’t many flavors at all really other than the faintest hint of lemon, not even a detectable acidity .  The finish is somewhat minerally, sort of like sucking on a clean pebble.

This reminds me of lemon drink-mix powder mixed with too much water.

A waste of ~$10 at the LCBO.



**image credit – Google image search.  There doesn’t appear to be a website for the actual winery but I’ve found plenty of reviews once this one was finished.  They all read the exact opposite of what i experienced with this vino.  Did I get a bad bottle? If so, I seem to have the best (or worst) luck at finding the bad bottle in the lot.

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  • Alberto says:

    Maybe you didn’t google hard enough:

    The wine is not complex, but it is original and from a real area in the sout of France. I found it in TW within the Alsace’s … wrong location though, but I didn’t dislike it, it’s a cheap wine any way.



  • thevinoboy says:

    At the time this review was written, perhaps my ability to scour Google wasn’t as trained as how I interpretation of my own palate. Thank you for providing the url to the winery – when I run across another bottle, i shall give it another try and compare my tasting notes with those of the vintner.
    I consult maps of France’s viticultural regions quite frequently to pinpoint many of the regions from whence a bottle hails and am quite familiar with Coteaux De Languedoc. Your finding the bottle mixed with Alsace is indeed comical; perhaps you could offer advice to your retailer on proper regional placement.
    Happy Tasting and thank you very much for taking the time to comment.
    =] Cheers. ~tvb

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