Six hours due south of the Calchagua Valley as the crow flies lies another cordilleran valley called San Javier. Directly descended from French migrants, the estate of the current Bouchon family produces a modest series of wines.

This very pale yellow Sauvignon Blanc has a nose of pineapple and urea. Its very light body carries a delicate spritzich on the tongue that gives the only hint of it actually being in my mouth.  In this vinoboy’s most humble opinion, there is no flavor to think of than to liken it to that gilded puddle left behind after a kitty who has just visited the litterbox. Though the label offers suggestions of lightly seasoned fish to linguine with clam sauce, I’m not sure I’d be willing to be that adventurous.

One hundred eleven years and still working on it.  They’ll get it eventually.


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