I needed an easy-drinking wine to give as a gift to a co-worker who has expressed an interest in wines but hasn’t had much experience with the matter. Whenever i give wine as gifts I almost always choose an Ontario VQA wine.  I am still very shocked and saddened that most people poo-poo Ontario wine as not worthy of a glance.

Vidal is a hardy hybrid variety of grape characterized by thick green skin, mild acidity and a predictable growing & ripening cycle. The wine produced can be simple and clean with moderate residual sweetness and a balanced tartness. It is very easy to appreciate by a new wine consumer’s palate that may still be scarred by flashbacks of the piddle Dad used to serve in the 70’s when we were kids.

Though Reif Estates Winery is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the VQA appellation is “Ontario”.  All the grapes have been grown in the designated viticultural areas, the juice has been pressed,  musts fermented and wine bottled entirely in Ontario.

Pale yellow in color, this mid-weight vino has a pleasant aroma of marigold and nectarine.  A decently off-dry sweetness carries the floral essences through to the finish with hints of peach and honey as the 12%alc/vol secretly evaporates on the palate.

Get it now at LCBO ~$10/btl and enjoy through 2013.  I think I’ll buy another bottle and invite some friends over for grilled chicken with orange sauce!




**image credit – the winery. Reproduced under fair use provisions for review and critique.

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  • Gary Killops says:

    Vidal is a hybrid grape and therefore can only be labeled VQA Ontario. Only VV grapes grown in Ontario can receive a VQA + appelation such as VQA Beamsville Bench or VQA Lake Erie North Shore.


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