Ok, so I’m on a South African binge.  Last review was not too bad from the Stellenboch region of the Western Cape. (The only other viticultural region is the Northern Cape).  Only my third bottle of South African wine, I’m actually sort of liking its unique characteristics. This Nederburg Cab is from the adjacent appellation of “Paarl”.

In an attempt to refine my wine-tasting skills, with the help of a vino-friend; I’ve been tasting most of my new entries blindfolded.  I carefully ponder all the non-visual aspects of a vino and as I ramble and consider, my vino-friend takes notes.

Very forward with the alcohol, it took a number of whiffs to finally detect a few essences of black fruits, a faint touch of licorice and some cedar. Concluding I was tasting a Cab was easy.  Dense and full-bodied on the palate, the flavors are earthy and spicy through the nose.  The finish is somewhat powdery; a woodiness that tastes of sappiness.  I’m thinking this hasn’t seen any oak at all even as sources say it has seen twelve months “in wood”.  Taking off the blindfold, it was interesting to note the deep purple hue – not at all like a ruby I’m accustomed to see in a Cab.

Though only marginally recommended, this vino could do with some proper oaking to better heighten the varietal characteristics most of us appreciate in a good Cabernet.  (LCBO ~$11/btl)  In this price range, there are other South African Cabs on the shelf I’d be more excited to try.



**image credit – Snooth.  Image re-posted from this source to coordinate with my excerpt review.

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