What I have here is another example of why Chile should not make wine.  The Errazuriz Estate is located in the town of Casablanca roughly 100km due west from the capitol of Santiago. The moderating influence of the southern Pacific Ocean provides a cool macro-climate while the Andes Mountains to the east ensure good rainfall.

The color is a strange green-tinged yellow with a serious scent of pineapple and durian.  On the palate of a Chardonnay, one would expect a very still, decent mouth-feel, often tropical flavors of papaya and passion fruit.  This vino has an obvious and pronounced crackling  sensation on the tongue that is decidedly harsh. Past that, a hint of banana flavor is followed by a sustained herbal finish reminiscent of tomato leaves.

A new release at LCBO/Vintages for ~$11/btl, there are many other tastier more varietally pleasing chardonnays out there in this price range.  A definite shock to the palate away from what a normal unoaked chardonnay is supposed to taste like.



**image credit – the winery.  Republished under Fair Use Provisions for Review and Critique.

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