Here I go again! A splurge on which I’d not normally indulge – a moderately-priced wine purely based on viticultural region.  I simply adore New Zealand wines but have only tasted those produced from the northern region.  This vino is from the southern latitudes just outside the city of Christchurch.

On a non-vino note that I feel is very important to mention, there is a philanthropic program behind the sale of Flying Kiwi’s wines.  The adorable and seriously endangered Kiwi is a flightless bird native to, and found nowhere else on the planet outside of, New Zealand. One percent of the sale of all the winery’s wines is donated to the Kiwi Recovery and Breeding program & New Zealand Conservation Trust. Please visit their site and donate if you can – your vinoboy has made a pledge.

A rich ruby colored vino with a vibrant fruity nose of cherry & plum.  The palate is youthfully complex bearing a light oaked elegance that will only become more structured and calm as it is cellared.  The finish is lingering and young displaying a surprising maturity.

A remarkable Pinot Noir. You can bet I’ll be hiding a bottle in the cellar to see what happens in 10 years.

Excellent wine for pan-seared tenderloin with grilled asparagus as that’s what I had for dinner with this wonderful vino.  (LCBO ~$16/btl)




**image credit #1 – the bottle portrait was taken by yours truly after I had polished off the bottle. Design and all that property of the winery, duh!  Published here under fair use provisions for review and critique.

**image credit #2 – the wee Kiwi bird

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