A new release in the Vintages Section of my local LCBO came up with this impulse purchase.  Before you rang on me for going Chilean even when I’ve said before I’m off Chile for a while, this is a Reserva AND its a new release.

Unsolicited and greatly appreciated, a friend and avid reader of this meager vinoblog sent me a gift card to the LCBO.  I will not disclose its amount but suffice to say, the next few reviews may definitely be on the higher side of the “Moderate” category.

A pale yellow in color, there are decent scents of lime, green apple and a little fresh-cut grass.  The immediate flavor is light, lively & tangy with pear, honeysuckle and limestone.  The finish is heightened by the under-layer of minerality, leaving the palate clean and ready for another sip.

Affordable at ~$13/btl at the moment, this Maule Valley offering is not a bad wine at all for a Chilean vino.  I had this with garlic-steamed Rock Cod and a mushroom rice.  Would be good with wine-steamed mussels or possibly buttery shrimp scampi.




**images credit – Google Images search results and grabbed the first decent bottle portrait i could find.  Republished under Fair Use provisions for review and critique.

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