There exists in southern Ontario’s Niagara Region a number of cooperatives of grape producers who are reasonably skilled at blending freshly-pressed juices together to produce modestly priced, finished wines for sale at kiosks within local grocery store chains. One such cooperative is the collection of vineyards known as Hillebrand Estates. These small boutiques are just beyond the checkouts and close to the exits. You can’t help but pass them on the way out to your car.

“Oh! Lets get a bottle of wine for dinner,” she exclaims as you both approach the shop.

“What a great idea, Sweetie!” you agree smartly. “What are we making tonight?”

“Well, dear,” she says studying the contents of the shopping cart. “We’ve got the makings of chicken a la king in here…”

“Darling, you’re a genius! Everyone knows white wine goes with white meat!! ” You reach for the first clear bottle you spy and read the label. Hillebrand Sauvignon Blanc

The astute clerk, trained in just this sort of situation, notices your random bottle snatching.

“You must be preparing a turkey dish, Sir,” the clerk opens the conversation.

“No, actually, chicken a la king!” the missus exclaims proudly.

The clerk glows at Mr Man. “You must know your wines then, Sir as that Hillebrand Sauv Blanc is perfect for white-meat dishes with creamy sauces!!”

He raises an eyebrow.  “How so?”

“Its flavors of fresh apple and pear and lively acidity match nicely to cleanse the palate between rich, creamy mouthfuls of pasta and chicken. You must be a fabulous cook!”

“Ahem!!” the missus interjects.  “He couldn’t boil an egg!! I think he just got lucky picking up that bottle.”

“Don’t be fooled by this wine’s modest $9.95 price tag, ma’am.  Chill the bottle for a couple hours and share a glass as you prepare dinner. Once the meal is set, pour two glasses and enjoy!”

“What if we don’t finish it with dinner?” Mr Man asks.

“Not to worry, a few of those fresh strawberries in a glass and a dash of that ginger ale will make wonderful spritzers later on when you watch the late-night movie.”

Mr and Mrs finally agree on something and nod in unison” “Niiiice!!”


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