For these festive times, your vinoboy is offering part two in my four-part series on Champagne and sparkling vino!

This second non-vintage offering is a sparkling Brut from the Cava region of Spain. Priced at ~$13/blt, this makes it ‘moderately priced’; and as this is a traditional method sparkler, that’s a great price for a hand-riddled vino. (Please see “Glass & Grub” for what this means…)  As with Champagnes, only wines from the Cava region can be called a Spanish “Cava”.  The Codorníu winery has been producing ports and grapas since the mid 1500’s and Cava blends since the mid 1800’s.

As I am not a huge consumer of lobster and scallops and other expensive fare, I normally save the sipping of sparkling vinos for special occasions. At this price-point, a bubbly can now be popped to celebrate any triumph of the day!  Just remember not to chill it too much and mask the flavors. (also remember to uncork in a controlled manner – mustn’t pop anyone’s eye out!!)

An enthusiastic mousse subsides quickly to reveal a moderately gold hue with small bubbles that emanate from only a few points on the inside surface of the flute. An interesting fruity nose is of  apples and pears; not something I’d’ve expected from a bottle second fermentation.  It medium body has flavors of crisp apples and under-ripe pears that carry through to the finish; the effervescence fills the mouth with a soft toasty sensation that’s rather cleansing.

A decent whole meal vino with crackers&cream cheese to start, clam chowder second, roast Cornish hens with an apple&walnut stuffing and a simple dessert of pot-de-Mascarpone & fig preserves.

Startlingly pleasant bubbly and one I have never tried until today. Would certainly recommend.




**image credit – found on a Google Images search, then edited in Adobe Photoshop to add the festive holly trim. There are so many bottle portraits out there, take your pick.

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