YAY!!  The holiday season is upon us and to celebrate, your vinoboy is offering a four-part tasting series on Champagne and Sparkling wine.

My first offering is this sparkling Prosecco Brut from the Veneto region of Northeast Italy. Priced at ~$12/blt, this makes it a ‘moderately priced’ vino. and though not exactly specified on the label, I can probably conclude this is a Charmat-method sparkler.  (Please see “Glass & Grub” for what this means…)  As with Champagnes, only wines from the Prosecco region can be called “Prosecco”.

For me, I reserve bubbles for sipping on their own.  Unless the wine is totally nasty, will it be used for Mimosas or sparkling punches.

Remember to NOT over-chill sparkling wine – 30 minutes in the freezer or ice bucket is plenty! Over-chilling will make the cork difficult to remove.  WARNING!!! Do not let corks fly from the mouth of the bottle with reckless abandon unless you’re outside and point it skyward! A well-trained host will ALWAYS ease the cork from a bottle of bubbles with a clean white towel.  The pressure inside the bottle can propel a cork with great enthusiasm and may hit someone or even break something like a window or picture frame – so be careful.

Cutting to the chase, this vino is a sparkling punch sort.  An ample mousse balloons in the glass to subside quickly – revealing an ever-so-pale yellow  glinting with a subtle pinkness whose moderately-sized bubbles rise in even columns. The nose is that of melted plastic and petrol with notes of marshmallow and Castor sugar. Medium-sweet on the palate, this sweetness is the only sensation other than the fizz.

If this vino is to be used to toast the instant of the occasion and drained by your already-half-wasted guests, perfect.  If it is to accompany a food course, forget it.

Bottega Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco 2010 from the Veneto region of Northeast Italy.

Happy Holiday Toasting!



**image credit – Ontario distribution agent, Noble Estates.  Product copyright and wholly owned by the producer: Distilleria Bottega, Bibano di Godega, Italia Used under Fair Use provisions for review and critique.

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