So…  Having sampled California and Ontario Clarets and Meritages, I thought it high-time I tried the true Bordeaux-blended vino. Also, at ~$17/blt, its a bit of a splurge right now; even for a dinner with friends and a good cut of beef.

Dark red to the point of looking like blood, my first impression based on its aromas of black cherries and currants would be a dense, complex wine a little out of my league. But no! I am surprised by its medium mouth feel and pleased by a silky structure and round not-too-puckery tannis.

Dinner isn’t quite ready yet, so I gently decanted the whole bottle to let it air for a bit.  This made a remarkable difference in the lingering finish; heightening the woodiness of its 12 months in classic light-toasted French oak and the subtle wisps of vanilla.

Most sources I researched after I wrote this review say this vino is mature right now for best characteristics. I think this can be stored for another four to five years and still come out tasting true to its roots.



**image credit goes to Google Image searching. Though the images on the winery’s website are exquisite, they’re not large enough to have fit the motif of this vinoblog.

2 Responses to “Château d’Argadens Bordeaux Superieur 2006”

  • Glad to hear u liked this wine. I bought a bottle a year ago, but have not opened it yet. Maybe I’ll be tempted to open it up sooner and enjoy it over dinner with some friends.

    • thevinoboy says:

      I’ve bought another bottle myself and will try cellaring it until the upper edge of its forecast viability, 2015. Lets just hope i can keep my fingers away from it that long! 😉

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