This is a wine I have liked a lot for a long time though very seldom buy due to the huge difference in pricing between Canada (~$11/btl) and the US (~$6/btl)… It typically doesn’t go on sale very often at the LCBO so I have to be in the paying-for-it mood.

“Do you ALWAYS plan meals with wines?” I’m often asked. “Seems like an awful lot of wine to go through!” Why, yes! Yes, I do.  I typically keep four distinctly different bottles: 2 red/2 white, in my storage crate over any 2-week period.

To me, wine is both extremely special and extremely every day. I budget my wine purchasing very carefully and allow for one bottle every three or four days; once opened, a bottle typically only lasts that long anyway… I’ll have a bottle opened on Friday after work to evaluate and blog and sip at it all evening.  Having guests over or going to a friend’s place for social and meals is another opportunity to examine and take notes on wines – sometimes two to three depending on the crowd.

This wine was taken to brunch for a simple meal at a neighbor’s as we celebrated the passing-by of an out-of-town friend.  Homey and basic fare consisting of chicken-salad on Flax-seed tortilla wraps; pasta salad with veggies and a creamy dressing; my favorite butternut squash & apple soup; and slices of honeydew melon, pineapple and cantaloupe.  Everyday stuff with a commensurate vino.

A deep lustrous yellow, this slightly off-dry Chard carries typical whiffs of  pineapple and mango to the nose; the 13.5% alcohol is marginally noticeable.  The body is just medium and the tropical flavors carry through to a finish that is complimented by a hint of butterscotch smoothness.

Strooth! A rippah standby.




**image credit – The Winery Used under Fair Use Provisions for review and critique.

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