I will be having guests over in a couple days so I have test-cooked the meal I’ll be serving and I can honestly say they will be impressed.  We’ve chatted about wine for a long time and both they and I abhor ‘White Zinfandel’. Its cloying and sickly with not much true flavor and not even worthy to cook with – we’re all shocked its such a good seller. I wanted a rose that would bridge the flavors of the h’ors d’oeuvres and the entrée.   This vino was on sale, so I bought three bottles (testing, serving, and an extra just in case one wasn’t enough with dinner…)

H’ors d’oeuvres: “Hummus on Pita Chips garnished w/ Pomegranate seeds” & “Chicken Satay skewers w/ Chipotle drizzle”
Entrée: “Roasted Pecan-crusted Salmon w/ a pepper relish”, baked Acorn squash, and a basic Arborio rice pilaf.

Deep salmon pink in colour, this Cab rosé shows fresh and savory aromas of wild strawberries, currants, ripe red pepper and a faint hint of citrus. It’s dry, medium-body carries a decent and pleasing amount of acidity. The medium-length finish features some darker notes of dried plum and a slight minerality.

I think it’ll be a hit with the dinner – each dish requires a little refinement; I have a couple days to perfect them. Wish me luck.  LCBO/Vintages ~$12/btl



EDIT: Dinner was a huge success!!  My guests were practically licking their plates! It was a good thing I’d picked up that third bottle; the vino was an extraordinary match.

From Austria, Rabl Cab Sauv. Rose 2008.  Wonderful!!




**image credit: Ganked from another reviewer who fails to credit his sources. I totally disagree with this other reviewer’s assessment of the vino, btw. (I’ve visited the winery’s website and there aren’t many images on there.)

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