So…  As promised, I’ve decided to revisit the South American Malbec.  You may recall my review of the FuZion Malbec Reserva 2008 and how I kinda sorta didn’t quite like it.

Also promised was to keep an open mind with the value-for-money aspect of some of these budget-priced wines from various parts of the globe.

I tried, my friends, I really and honestly tried.

This dark-purple goop smells like a dirty ashtray to which rubbing alcohol has been added.  Its chalky texture carries flavors of Mackerel and petrol to the palate and lingers most dolefully with essences of sour cherries and liniment to remind you of just how yucky this wine is.

Pop-for-the-dollar considered, you can do A LOT better than this for only $8/blt.  Try it for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t offer some advice.

Even paired with the suggested stuffed pasta (I had  cheese tortellini in beef&tomato sauce), I truly wish I could have set aside my honesty and given this vino a decent review, but I just don’t feel it.



**image credit – Google Image Search Results – used under Fair Use provisions for review and critique.

++the website for the actual winery is infected with a malware/spyware virus and my security suite prevented it from loading.

2 Responses to “FincaFlichman Misterio Malbec 2009”

  • Miguel says:

    You are completely right, but for some strange reason they are selling more every year here in Ontario. Their main competitor, Fuzion sold less in 2011, but at least they mantain quality. Flichman with this brand Misterio is going to destroy the good reputation of Argentinian reds.

    • thevinoboy says:

      I totally agree!
      Without sounding biased or slighting the FEW palatable South American wines I’ve tasted, neither Chile nor Argentina have any business being in the mass-production wine industry in my humble opinion.
      To juxtapose with the Negroamaro Salento from Italy, it is as deliciously consistent as the Fuzion Malbec is undrinkably so. There is no mistaking either wine in this price point.
      Thank you for your thoughts and taking the time to share them.

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