Not at all a consumer of the nasty NASTY schlock called White Zinfandel from a winery who shall not be directly named, I otherwise hold most proper rose wines in a place of reverence.  So… I search long for roses that carry a very definite mark from the wine maker. At $20, and not knowing much about this French winery, I thought  I’d give Jean Olivier’s Chateau d’Aqueria TAVEL 2009 a try. The winery, which dates to the late 1700s, is located on the upper-west slope of the Rhone River Valley about 100km north of where it enters the Mediterranean Sea.

Primarily Grenache and Syrah, the deep ruby color and powerfully sweet bouquet of this Tavel is very reminiscent of a strawberry liqueur. That’s where the sweetness ends and this rose truly bursts to life. On the palate, the wine is beautifully crisp and dry with chewy flavors of strawberry and cherry. There is a complex mineral finish that took me quite a while to put my finger on –  just a certain something that lingered so long on the tongue.

I had this with sweet and spicy bbq pork ribs. Try it also with a Veal Scallopini or Crackers & Goat cheese h’ors d’ouvres.

A Saunte!



*images credit – Chateau d’Aqueria – fair use provisions for review and critique

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