My goodness! Has it been over a whole year since mt last posting?!  I suppose it was inevitable that some reviews have been delayed; I’ve graduated from Interior Design School at the top of my class with a 4.0027GPA as president of Dakota County Technical College’s chapter of  the international honor society Phi Theta Kappa.  I have also been working for a major liquor store chain in the Greater Minneapolis Area as a Wine Educator and Social Media Liaison. One significant achievement I can truly highlight is my success at being the wine coordinator for the marriage of a high-profile couple here in the Twin Cities – by communicating with both the couple and the chef, the chef and I were able to come up with six dramatic courses pairing his creations with wines from around the world to the delight of all the guests.

     Riondo-bluAnother great success was the relaunching and re-branding of a floundering store in this chain suffering from poor online reviews and lack of exposure to the online- and indeed wine-savvy clientele.  Sales have increased almost three-fold since the beginning of 2014 and I take great pride in being the face of wine knowledge.

     Now, I have secured a position at a major retail chain specializing in home accessories, furniture, and interior design services.  I begin my new career there at the beginning of October.  To celebrate, I am offering the following review of a most yummy sparkling wine from the northern Italian region of Prosecco:  Blu – managed by the North American firm Riondo…

     From start to finish, this luscious sparkling wine is delicate and ethereal.  The nose is of apple, peach, and subtle floral notes.  The mousse is plentiful and mouth-filling leading to a refined elegance of melon to linger medium-long upon the palate.

     Guests at our tasting station at the wine boutique have been snapping up bottle after bottle to celebrate life’s victories both large and small.  This vino pairs beautifully with every course of your light-focused menu.  Crab puff amuse-bouche, Caesar salad with shrimp and anchovies salad course, seared scallops in a butter cream sauce appetizer, chicken picatta with caper berries and haricot verts entrèe, and even a Tahitian Vanilla-laced creamy creme brulèe for dessert!   Find it at your local wine purveyor in 187ml, 750ml, and 1.75L sizes and enjoy chilled.   I love to float raspberries or raisins in this delectable sparkler and watch my guests’ surprise to see these fruits rise and fall as the bubbles lift them up then settle them back down in a Galileo-type thermometric action.   This vino is further proof that sparkling wine is NOT just for New Years Eve! Pop it open tonight and ENJOY




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