So here I find myself in one of the most celebrated viticultural regions of North America for a vacation spanning the NewYears season.
To update on my Interior Design education, I am pleased to share my 4.0GPA – course work (and other factors) has been excruciatingly challenging! I’ll be building an online portfolio of my work as an extension of a professional business class next term so look forward to that…!
The resort, Vino Bello, is ok so far but as a designer, i’m spotting a lotof flaws…
Tomorrow is a visit to Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga where I’ve booked a private Wine Aficionado tour. What will i be looking for during the tasting portion? You guessed it – a spittoon. If me no see me be asking for one.
I’ll post reviews of the vinos I’ve sampled, my impressions of them and if i’d recommended them or not.
Lots do see and do in a week so bear with me as i relax and recharge.


*posted using a mobile client- if anything is unclear or askew from what you’re accustomed to seeing, i will edit tags and categories and correct minutiae when i have access to my pc at home.  ~tvb

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