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Ok, so I must confess before I go any further that the only reason I chose this wine (the last of the wines I chose when last out with my good friend ‘S’…) was the shape of the bottle.  Hour-glass sculpted and sinuously tall, I was hoping the vino within would be voluptuous and yummy…

That’s not entirely true, I must confess. Côtes de Provence is one of the southern-most regions of France, in the foothills of les Montagnes Pyrénées -the range that divides the country from Spain. And since I’ve had delicious experiences with French rosés of late, a tasting was in order.

The faint nose was lightly rosy with a hint of lavender. On the palate, flavors of red peppers and stone berries fill both the front and back of the mouth.  The structure is slightly heavy, but otherwise, a rather pleasing vino.

Stock is low at the LCBO so if you find it at ~$14/btl, drink it right away or even try to cellar it for a year or two.




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California and its counties are a patchwork of appellations from its southern border with Mexico to its northern border with Oregon.  Much like here in Ontario, there are cellaring wineries that buy grapes from all over to produce wines under their own label.

This wine’s full name as seen on the label is: Stonehedge Reserve Amador County Zinfandel 2008 Special Vineyard Select.

I like quite a few California wines – Napa Valley is, after all; on the same latitudes as Ontario’s viticultural zones.  Seeing the various narrowing of appellations on this label and liking the rich, full-bodied structure of old vine Zins, this LCBO/Vintages purchase at ~$18 seemed like a great value at the time.

In an attempt to refine my wine-tasting skills, with the help of a vino-friend; I’ve been tasting most of my new entries blindfolded.  I carefully ponder all the non-visual aspects of a vino and as I ramble and consider, my vino-friend takes notes.

The alcohol-forward (14.9% alc/vol!!!!!)  nose is jammy and smokey with scents of charred wood and cloves. Very full-bodied and slightly off-dry, the funky charred flavor fills the mouth with dried fruits and concentrated vanilla extract.  The result is an overpowering complex finish that creates the urge to wash my mouth out with Borax.

I must reiterate: I love a lot of California wines and honestly appreciate a good Zinfandel, but this one is TERRIBLE!!!



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